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Mr Wilson Main Promo Pic
This powerful trio have exploded into the Sydney music scene. Since June 2008, Mr Wilson have a monopoly on the live venues in Sydney, Australia. With 6 gigs a week, most of them residencies, they are one of the hardest working bands in town. Once you see them, you will know why.

It's a 3-piece ... Vocals, drums and acoustic guitar. Doesn't sound like much does it? But when they start playing, close your eyes and you could swear the band was double that size.

Taking the most popular songs and rearranging them in the Mr Wilson style, these guys will get you, singing, dancing, jumping and maybe even undressing before the night is through.

Piano Room, Marble Bar, Astral, Golden Sheaf, Fox and Lion are just some of their resident gigs. Be sure to check out the GIGS tab, to find out where they are playing.
Nominees for the 2009 ARIA Awards